why are you so angry?

Why are you so angry? Is it because you brought into the lie? Or is it because the lie can no longer be denied?  We’ve done it this way for generations, why should we stop now?  These are the words that fall from your lips because authority over others is your power trip.  Don’t talk back or ask why just do what I said, walk that line.  I hold the power, I hold the gun; don’t obey me and you are done. Resting in peace by the setting sun.

This doesn’t apply to all, that’s plain to see; some get the royal treatment even though they have done wrong, just not me. I’m a crime the moment I’m seen, is it because they are White and I’m Black? Stay in the sun long enough it will change that fact.  Is it really all about skin?  Is there something deep within that has caused the blindness that keeps you in the dark?  When all you see is Black or Brown you rage in like a bull, resulting in red flowing in the street; the people crying “no justice, no peace”.

We are all so angry, you for one reason; me for another.  We are all on the road to destruction by hating each other.  A new day is on the horizon where peace can abound when we go back to the Christian principles on which this nation was founded.  The men may have been flawed that put pen to page, but; the words they penned were guided by God’s own hands.  They declared for all to see that God created both you and me.  Equal He made us and equal we should be, you decided you were better.

That was the lie planted by Satan in your mind, he has orchestrated the hate between men far to long, time to send him to hell where he belongs.  Look in the mirror, face the real truth about the face that looks back at you.  Love is colorless, it’s the same for all; as displayed by God as he hung on the cross.  We are all His handy work, only He can restore; turn us from the hate within, so we can fall in love with Him again.  When love is present hate disappears, peace is achieved and all men can be what God created them to be.

No Big I’s no little U’s , just us; walking hand in hand into God’s promised land. Together as one people of God, a rainbow of diversity making the world a better place for all.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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