old or new

Can someone help me understand why I hear so many people say “make this country great again”.  The same voices that cry out find honor in injustice and hate, mistreatment of those not like them.  Where is the greatness on which they stand, history teaches they stole this land.  They came under the disguise of peace, the inhabitants found that was not true; violence against them shortly ensued.

The blood of natives watered the land from the colonizers hands.  From generation to generation those in power fed their greed by the sweat and blood of enslaved men. Please tell me what was great back then, so much pain, suffering and tears.  Christians they said they were, but their actions seem to be so different from those of the Christ they proclaimed to follow.

The world is in pain from the evil that reigns, love is being strangled and hearts grow cold.  Death comes knocking at the door, is there anyplace that is safe anymore.  Not in church, not in school; there appears to be no more golden rule.  Those in power do as they please with no regard for you or me.  I think it’s time for change, let all men be treated the same.

Let the bell of opportunity ring that every man may be free, the statue of Liberty stands tall representing the freedom from bondage for all.  Rich or poor, Black or White, short or tall; God created them all.  In His likeness Created He them, it’s time for man to walk in the light; find his way back to doing whats right.  Stop the injustice, oppression of the poor, self gratification, and greed; open their hands to those in need.

Seek God’s face to erase the hate, receive a new heart and make a new start.  The Christ came to seek and save the lost, to release them from the evil by which they are chained; to help the least of them and touch the untouchable. Find your way back to Him and learn how to love again.  Love will replace the hate and every man will find his place in a world made new, love will reign between me and you.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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