follow the leader

How many of you have ever played the game, follow the leader?  Whatever the designated leader said or did;  it was your obligation to repeat.  Sometimes the leader would tell you to do something that was distasteful, when I was growing up it would be; kiss that boy.  That would always cause me to be out of the game, kissing a boy was the last thing I wanted to do at that time in my life.

Now I would like you to think about all the ways we play that game in our everyday lives as adults.  Each one of us thinks he or she has control of their own lives, never considering all the external forces that impact what we do or say; we follow the leader.  The leader could be our employer, we know decisions we make when given a directive from the boss impacts or lives in many ways if we don’t follow orders. The same applies to  those who are students, under the doctors care and those who are in government.

There comes a time when we must decide if following the leader is beneficial or detrimental to our well being.  Is what we are asked to do the right thing?  How will it affect our lives?  Are we willing to do anything to stay in the good graces of those who ask?  Let’s examine ourselves, how often do we really think about these questions before we follow the leader?  What are we willing to lose if we do what is right?

How can we know the type of spirit we are following, whether it is for good or bad.  The answer is found in the gift of discernment, Our Heavenly Father has given us a tool to see through the mist of confusion.  When we can see clearly, making the right choice is plain.  When we choose to do what is right no matter the consequences, we glorify our God with our actions.  These decisions won’t be easy for some to make, they are chained by greed and power.

Their selfishness keeps them following the wrong leader.  Power and greed are hard task masters, they require us to forsake good moral character for the enrichment of self.  We adopt the essence of the destroyer, I should be worshiped; even as God is worshiped. We become our own gods.  I’m sure you can recognize as I have, how important following the leader can be; especially if you are following the wrong one.  In today’s climate we are all facing the decision,”who will I follow”?

The blinders are off, nothing is hiding in the dark; the face of darkness has stepped into the light.  Evil is openly raging, it is no longer throwing the rock and hiding it’s hands. It has put before us the most important question we may ever have to answer, “will you follow me”?  “If you choose not to follow me, what are you willing to lose”?  For those who choose not to follow evil, remember the greatest force in the universe is LOVE. There will be a battle, evil will not go silently into eternal night.

Our hope and strength is in the light of the Father and the Son, choose wisely who you will follow, then be prepared for the consequences.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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