It’s time for prayer

I heard it said “right now is intimidating, but; it is not debilitating”,  what we are experiencing in our world today shakes us to our core; the headlines feed our fears with each new day.  The evil that lives in the hearts of some people causes hurt and even death to others.  How do we take the liberty to destroy what belongs to the Creator? Only he who created life has THE AUTHORITY to reclaim it.

Our world is so saturated with hate it seems LOVE has lost it’s power, however; love can cast out fear and light can illuminate the darkness of hate.  It’s time for prayer, prayer is the weapon when used properly changes hearts and circumstances; the pray of a righteous man availeth much for there is power in prayer.  I’ve heard it said”little prayer, little power and much prayer, much power”.

There must be a love relationship between those who pray and their Creator, we who call on his help through prayer must believe that he is, that he will answer in accordance with his will and we must be accepting of that will.  He has promised never to leave or forsake those who put their trust in him.  As our world continues to grow cold we must draw closer to our Creator, his Holy Spirit and his love.

Allowing his love  to ignite our hearts to plead in prayer for a dying world.  Prayer is the key that unlocks Heavens storehouse that blessings can fall.  We who believe must stand in the gap for our world; it’s time for pray, to lift up our voices collectively to the Only One who can restore, transform, and change hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. Evil will continue to thrive if we who know the power of prayer remain silent as our world collapses around us.

This is a call to arms for every child of the Most High God; in every city, every town, every hamlet and metropolis; sister and brothers everywhere, IT’S TIME FOR PRAYER

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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