suffering in silence

Be quiet, don’t speak; no one wants to hear what you have to say.  Why are you always complaining any way, we gave you freedom didn’t we? Freedom to work the jobs we didn’t want and we paid you what we thought was good enough for you, didn’t we; we let you live without incident for the most part didn’t we, what more do you want from us? Suffering in silence that is what is expected as our blood flows in the street, our doors kicked in and death lays under the sheets.  Playing in the park is prohibited for me; mothers, fathers and children too, no one is exempt from the hate dwelling in you.

Why are you so afraid of my Blackness?   Is it because I excel at living even though you have used every means you have to hold me down, yet; still I rise. Black mothers have birthed Doctors, Lawyers, Inventors, Teachers, Philosophers and the like.  The silence is broken I will no longer hide in the shadows of life, I’m awake from my sleep I can see the sunlight.  A new day is dawning for all mankind where everyone sees clearly and no one is left behind.  Unity has awaken the spirit of Love, the enemy has been uncovered; no longer can evil hide.

Our voices united cry in the street no more killing we demand peace; peace from the fear of walking the street,watching the birds or just peaceful sleep.  The silence is broken we demand to be heard, failure to listen; cities could burn.  Those in power refuse to see the plight of the silent majority, but; they are silent no more so it would be wise to not only listen, but; hear.  It’s time to change the atmosphere, to honor the creed this nation claims, time to let freedom ring from shore to shore of this land and it will be great again.

The world is tired of the injustice it sees, everyone cries out let freedom ring. We will no longer suffer in silence, it’s time to be heard; every voice and every word.  No matter the ethnicity, color or creed we are unified with one voice we speak.  No more injustice, justice for all; those who are great and those who are small.  Things must change it’s apparently clear, so those who have ears let them hear.  My heart is crying out, I’m hurting; do you hear me?  I , will be silent no more.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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