state of emergency

It was spreading like wildfire, no one had an answer on how to stop it; everyone  everywhere was concerned how it would affect them or their loved ones.  So many were falling prey to it, many not surviving.  The leaders all called for a state of emergency, rules were put in place to keep everyone safe or so they thought; however, just telling someone to keep rules doesn’t always work.  Not everyone thinks or acts in accordance with rules set in place for them.

Remember we are all individuals which means our opinions vary and our concerns differ, what is important to some may not be as important to others.  we must not be critical of someone because they chose to do something different from what we chose to do.  Anytime unexpected changes occur to what we consider to be normal it requires us to rethink our plans and the direction we are going.  Seldom do we realize how these things will directly affect us on a collective basis.

We only think of self and how we are impacted, not until the icy fingers of death claims someone dear to us do we realize we should be thinking of others also.  How do we combat a threat when we are so divided, it is very important to realize division is a tool of the enemy; divide and conquer the objective in every conflict but strength is found in unity.  The victory over anything that creates havoc is standing together on one accord doing what is best for the masses and not just self.

Caring for the weak among us must be a priority, grandmothers, grandfathers, the sick and shut ins, the babies and the forgotten.  Yes a state of emergency can be an inconvenience, our choices may be limited and our plans changed; but, we all benefit when rules are followed.  Each of us must decide what side of the fight for life we stand  on, do we criticize others for what they do to protect themselves and others because it is not what we chose to do? Do we consider if and how our choices may impact more than just us?

My  revelation as i sit by the pool of grace


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