crying in the dark

When was the last time you were awaken from sleep with tears streaming down your cheeks?  You ask yourself why am I crying? Is it for someone else? Was it a dream that has me so upset? Can’t put your finger on it, but the tears continue to flow.  As your eyes become accustomed to the darkness in the room, memories flood your thoughts of all the tears never shed.  He had been your companion for many years, he would wag his tail every time your face appeared.

Now he’s gone, your very best friend; all dogs go to heaven, don’t they? No tears shed.  The decision has to be made, they have suffered enough, it’s time to let them go.  Remove the tubes it’s in Gods hands; quietly you stand by to see Gods plan.  No more suffering, no more pain, this was the best thing for them so no tears shed.  You couldn’t believe what was said, it broke your heart; the words fell from their lips like droplets of dew on a rose.  Your heart was shattered, not a word did you say you took it like a man, no tears shed.

The well was filled it overflowed, but; why now was the question? The answer you may never know, yet; the tears continue to flow.   This happened once before in a secluded olive grove, Gethsemane was it’s name; the fate of the world rested in his hands.  His companions were no support as they slumbered close by, not realizing their leader was preparing to die.  Kneeling in the darkness of night tears of blood he began to cry, looking down through time he saw you and me; sinners lost to destiny.

The weight of the worlds sin rested on his shoulders so the tears flowed on.  There is something therapeutic about crying in the dark, no one sees or hears; freedom to release all the stress building up from life.  No judgement, no one asking what’s wrong, or what can I do to help, just you letting go.  The rain comes to cleanse the soil preparing it for new life.  Our tears cleans away the clutter we have collected from day to day preparing our spirits to soar.

The weight of the sins that so easily beset us we carry no more, we are free from those chains to be slaves no more.  Remember the next time you find yourself crying in the dark, your Creator cried in the dark for you.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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