For years they had wondered about the value of the jewelry grandma had left them when she departed from the earth plane.  They were sparkly and shiny, but that didn’t mean they had no real value.  The jewelry box was filled with rings, bracelets,  ear bobs and necklaces; they all looked very expensive.

We have all heard the saying adversity is the mother of invention or something like that; as fate would have it there came a time when the jewels needed to be tested.  The value of the jewels could supply the family’s needs.  The jeweler sit quietly examining each piece of jewelry one after the other; he separated them in two piles.

Finally he placed the last piece in it’s pile and turned his face to the family members. He cleared his throat and began his explanation, in this pile we have costume jewelry which has very little value, however; in this pile there are some that have some blemishes, imperfections, or damages but they are still somewhat valuable.

You are that jewel in the eyes of God, though you are flawed by the world in which you live; envy, jealousy, anger, hate, selfishness, and such like things have caused an erosion in your character.  Your blemishes, imperfections, and damage in the eyes of man have diminished your value; in Gods eyes you are still of great value.

When he looks through the jewelers lens he sees the rough edges as smooth, the flaws as correctable and the cleansing blood of Christ as the finishing cloth. Gods jewelry box is filled with many precious jewels, none are the same; he has a great variety different in color, size, and shapes but to him they are all his special treasure , you are one of them.  All your flaws have been erased by the blood of Jesus, you’re his priceless possession.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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