compassion vs hatred

The rain poured as her feet trucked through the jungle caring her sick child to the only  help she knew.  The little clinic had been helping the islanders for many years, but had recently received a new doctor.  Tears flowed down her cheeks as she handed him to the nurses, she was so over whelmed with emotion and fear she could barely tell them what happened to the child.

She sit silently in the waiting room fearful her life was about to change forever.  The nurses worked feverishly to prepare the young patient for the doctor.  Dedication, compassion, and love for humanity were the qualifications needed to work in this type of environment; death lurked around every corner for the people living in isolated areas of the country.This was his first case since he arrived on the island, he had been a doctor for many years; he felt this call of duty was his ministry and was eager to serve God in this capacity.  As he looked into the face of his young patient, the past came back with a fury; he had to walk away.  The nurses continued to work hoping the doctor would return soon.

Sitting in his office in the dark for what seemed an eternity, he had to come to grips with a past he thought he had long forgotten and a man he thought he had forgiven; it happened in a setting similar to this one.  Deep rooted hatred lies dormant in the heart until it finds a reason to surface.  Sometimes it has no grounds or explanation for why it exist in the hearts of men.Often it is passed on by those who have deep seeded influences from the past or it stems from unnecessary mistreatment of others.  Maybe it happens because we forget we were created in the image of God.  In the beginning he created one man  and from him one women, all of humanity came from those created in the beginning; we are all one blood.

Because we strayed so far away from compassion and love our Father creator sent his son to show us hate was not the way he wanted us to live, but; man so filled with evil couldn’t accept the Son. Each generation has the choice to walk in love and compassion or evil and hatred.  To come to grip with the truth lying in their heart hidden from the eyes.  The question is, is it really hidden; our actions tell the story we think no one sees.It is said the eyes are the window to the soul, if this is true our actions must be the window to the heart; from the heart flows the issues of life.  Are you in the same predicament as the doctor? Are you proclaiming the title Christian without the character of Christ? Is compassion or hatred the driving force in your life?  To thy own self be true, when you look in the mirror is it Christ you see looking back at you?

Have you forgiven  and forgotten the hurts of the past and stepped into the future with God holding your hands?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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