The tree

Her tears fell like rain as she gazed upon her son, hanging on the tree as he gave the world his blood.  Her heart was breaking even though she knew this day would come, for this was the destiny of God’s only son.  Were these people worthy of saving was the question on her mind, the very ones he healed were crying crucify; yet , as his mother she understood his love for them could not be denied.

As his life was slipping away, his thoughts were on the mother he would leave behind that day.  The tree will forever stand an emblem of sacrifice, the place where God gave his life.  The one who wiped his tears and bandaged up his knees, released him to die for you and me.  Nothing can compare to a mothers love, her kisses and her hugs.  Hands that caught you when you fell, a smile that cheered you when sad; someone willing to give you everything they had.

Always placing your needs above her own never allowing you to walk through the trials of life alone.  Do you recognize the jewel you have in her?  Many seem to realize when she is there no more, when the flowers are no longer seen and I love you no longer heard.  The time is now to show her your love tomorrow may be to late, let her know how important she is to you and how much you need her in your life today.

Thank her for the sacrifice made to give you a better life, teaching you to love God and always do whats right.  Everyone that has a child does not a mother make, however; there is a promise that we are given when we honor her who gave us life.  No matter your circumstances you still have reason to smile, your Father in heaven as he hung on the tree looked down through time to see your face; by his blood your pain erased.

Celebrate the women God has placed in your life, could be an aunt, niece,sister or friend; they all shower you with his love in one way or another.  The same love that flowed from Calvary’s tree to save sinners like you and me.    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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