guest of honor

They had hired the most popular party planner they could find, after all this was a very special occasion; everything had to be perfect.  The invitations were sent to a select group of guest, it was very important the right type of participants were in attendance for the guest of honor that was  to speak.  Only those who’s influence came with money and power were considered acceptable for this gathering.  The speaker was of such prominence it was thought the common man wouldn’t understand his lecture.

Have you ever wanted to go to a function, but; thought it was to high society for you? The cost was out of your price range because of who the guest speaker was? Or you felt you just didn’t fit in?  In life we are most times placed in categories based on our station in society, the wealthy feel most comfortable with the wealthy; those without wealth are considered beneath them.  Their life styles are different, conversations are different and their companions are different.

Many of them are highly educated and considered very knowledgeable in things of this world, many of us feel intimidated and inadequate in their presence.  I have a surprise for you, you’ve been invited to be the guest of honor; the preparations have been made just for you.  How great is that, plain oh you can be the most important one at the table.  No wealth is needed, no popularity is required, you are OK just the way you are.  The guest speaker thinks you are the most important reason to attend the party.

How does that feel?  I can only imagine that must have been how Mathew the tax collector felt when Jesus came to his house for supper.  He was despised by his own people and considered the biggest sinner of all sinners, however; he and his companions were on the heart of Jesus.  Jesus looked at them through eyes of love and not condemnation, he looks at us through those same eyes; we are all sinners in need of grace.  It is when we sit in the presence of Jesus we are changed.

Looking into his eyes of love causes our hearts of stone to melt, his compassion for the lost is prevalent in all his actions.  He wants to make you the guest of honor at his dinner table, he is hoping his love for you is enough for you to want to share a meal with him.  The question is are you willing to be his guest of honor?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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