the aftermath

No one could have imagined the destruction the storm would leave behind, dreams gone in the twinkle of the eye; years of memories washed away be the wind.  It was all gone the house, the trees, everything; nothing but rubbish was left.  Years of tears and sweat now nothing remains, so where do we go from here? How do we start over?

So many questions, so many unknowns; searching through the rubbish looking for any signs of life, is this yours? said a unfamiliar voice, it was just a picture; yes it is was the reply. A priceless gift that gave hope, a simple picture reflecting a family during happier times.  The tears began to fall, not from sadness but from joy.

The realization that the same family was unchanged by the storm opened eyes to the protection of The Father. Material loss could be replaced, new memories made, and more trees planted.  The enemy in all his fury unleashed his anger on the world; he desires to shake our faith, to separate us from the Father, and to blame the Father for our struggles and losses.

We find ourselves asking the question, “where is God”?  Especially when we are in the storm, we sometimes forget he is riding in the boat with us.  It is in the aftermath we see his face; it is reflected in all the meals our neighbors share, in the many smiles that say this too shall pass, in every hand that helps clear the rubbish, and every prayer prayed.

It is when we come together to help each other the love of the Father is reflected to the world. When we stand together we are not defeated, the enemy will lose his power.  Although he will not wave the flag of surrender, we will keep our hands in the Fathers hands as we stand upon the wall; waiting on the next storm.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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