by candle light

Have you ever given much thought to how it was before the mystery of electricity was revealed to the mind of man?  How without that one element the life of man is impacted.  In today’s world of machinery, computers, internet, streetlights, railways  and the like should the electricity be interrupted, how difficult things would be for all.

This type of interruption can be caused by shortages, overloads, and the most impact; storms.  Shortages and overloads may be a challenge to one or a few, but; a storm impacts many.  Seldom are we prepared for this type of interruption, the loss of power changes our lives; refrigeration is at risk, no appliances or electronics will function.

After the light of day fades, darkness engulfs the home like a tomb of silence.  Some of us will have flashlights or candles in store, they provide a gleam er of light in the darkness. Just imagine how you would fair if this was your daily existence,  this was once the norm for all people; everything was done by candlelight.

All labor was done during  the daylight hours; the cooking, cleaning, tending the crops, and bartering at the market place.  Can you imagine how dedicated the disciples must have been to painstakingly write the story of Jesus the Christ by candlelight with pen and ink on paper of their day.  The light they received from accompanying him was so powerful they had to share it, so trans formative they could not keep it to themselves.

He was the light that shatters all darkness, pure love. He came into the world that man could receive the light of truth found in him, granting freedom from darkness to all who chose to walk in light and not darkness.  As we light candles to bring small glimmers of light to spaces in our homes because our norm has been interrupted, think of the greatest light given to men; Jesus the Christ.

when you begin the worry about your food supply going bad, remember he has assured us he owns the cattle on a thousand hills, he will never forsake us nor will our seed beg for bread; our bread and water will be sure.  As the flickering candlelight sing it’s lullaby, rest in peace knowing a new day is on the horizon; his grace and mercy will cover you and it will be well with your soul.

The interruption of your norm will be over soon, you can resume the hussel and bussel of life again; just remember change can come unawares like a thief in the night, prepare yourself for the unexpected through the light that Christ offers to each of us. If we are impregnated with the light of Christ we will never walk in darkness or fear.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.  written by candlelight after a tornado hit Chattanooga leaving 60,000 homes and business without power.


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