fallen soldiers

I heard the news today, you said your goodbye and slept quietly away; no more pain or sorry, disappointment with the world we live in these days.  The tears will fall from every eye that embraced your smile, who held your hand or walked with you a mile along life’s way.  Memories will flood our minds causing our heart to rejoice, out of sight, but; never far away. We can be at peace with your leaving, you left all your love behind; you enclosed us in your arms and looked into our eyes, it’s time for me to go now; don’t worry or fret, just remember I’ll be at rest.

The time will come for everyone to cross the river of time and leave this physical world behind.  Some we will feel are gone to soon, so we question; asking the reason why, they never got the chance to reach the peak of life.  For some we are grateful, their sufferings are at a end; we then consider how we should live so we can see them again.  There are those who stand on the wall against tyranny and fear, they fight the battle on foreign shores that we might sleep in peace.  We know that for every soldier his time will come to fall, it is then the army in which we fight will matter most of all.

There is only one choice to be made, two armies in which to fight; if you have made the right choice you’ll have eternal life.   Jesus conquered the sting of death, in 3 days he rose again; death and the grave just couldn’t hold him.  If you choose to serve him, you too will live again; the trumpet will sound, his voice you will hear, and the chains of the grave will disappear.  The reunion with loved ones will be so sweet, your joy in the Lord will be complete, and you’ll walk upon golden streets.  So shed tears if you must, but; remember the love left behind will keep you through the long dark nights,  love never dies.

My revelation as I sit by the pool  of grace.



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