Peter Pan and Captain Hook, two names most of us are very familiar with; a land of lost boys with no mother, a hero of sorts, and a  villian. Captain Hook is a feared pirate threatening the island of Neverland, Peter Pan is  it’s protector with the help of a fairy named Tinker Bell, and the two men are sworn enemies.

Peter Pan the novel by James Barrie has been adopted to screen and stage, the story of a boy who refused to grow up.  The Pan saga has opened the imagination of every child that has heard the story; as well as every adult that has read it to them.  In some ways we can all place ourselves in the story.

Like Neverland we live on a plant that was once very beautiful until the presences of evil appeared.  The main players in our story are; Satan, the enemy; Jesus, the saviour; the Holy Spirit, our teacher; and you and me.  Unlike Neverland the battle between Satan and Jesus is still raging, we must choose on whose team we will fight.

Like Peter Pan our story is timeless and will continue until time is no more.  As the story of Pan comes to its climax Hook is vanquished by Peter removing the threat from Neverland.  Unfortunately, our story is not as easily resolved; our enemy is not a character in a child’s book.  He is a roaring lion on the prowl for victims to destroy.

We are pawns on the chessboard of life, however; to the King of Kings we are his prize possessions and he is willing to protect those who trust and depend on him.  when our story comes to it’s climax, our enemy vanquished, and our Neverland freed from the grip of the enemy; Neverland will be restored into the garden of eden it was meant to be in the beginning.

The love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will rule; never again will we have to face evil, it shall never rise again.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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