dancing in the dark

As far back as I can remember music and dancing has been a part of the human experience.  Most celebrations no matter what the occasion included not only music but dancing.  David danced on his triumphant return to Jerusalem with the Ark, when the prodigal son returned home his father gave a big party with music and dancing, and while in the wilderness the children of Israel danced  and gave praise to the golden calf dishonoring the true God.

Most of us when we plan a celebration always include food,music and dancing in the festivities.  we select our favorite songs;  whether jazz, blues, country, rock, or soul we want music that makes us pat our feet or move our bodies.  This type of celebrating has been part of our history in one way or another.  Some of the indigenous tribes believed dancing would cause it to rain, some people think of dancing as a way of seduction, and some used dancing in rituals of evil.

In many  of today’s churches praise and worship includes music and dancing,they call it Holy dancing.  Many other churches consider this charismatic and unnecessary behavior in worship. Some churches are so quiet during their worship hour, you wonder if they are filled with the joy of their redeemer.  No amens, hallelujahs or even a wave of the hand.  Are we not told come into his presence with gladness and singing, are we not to give him a sacrifice of praise with our lips and praise him with dance and instruments?

we know the enemy has a counterfeit for everything, so why not this; he has tainted our praise by leading us to believe music and dancing in our praise is centered in him and not in our God.  However, ask yourself; where did music originate?  Lucifer before his fall into sin was created with a beautiful voice for praise. He has distorted everything he has touched, even praise.  We must not allow him to steal our joy, we must come into our Father’s gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.

Lifting our hands and lifting our voices giving honor to the most high God, he alone is worthy of praise. we must be on guard at all times, the enemy wants praise; that’s what caused his fall from Heaven.  He can appear to be doing the right thing,  he is versed in scripture and if we are not careful he will deceive even the elect; we will be following him into darkness thinking we are doing what is pleasing to our God. No matter how strong we think we maybe we are no match for him.

we cannot trust in self, only in Jesus our redeemer; failing to put our trust in him we just might find ourselves dancing in the dark with the wrong partner.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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