under construction

For the most part a construction site is a very dangerous place to be; there maybe all types of equipment in the area, debris covering the ground, items to trip over and people moving in all directions.  Hard hats and good shoes are essential to work in a construction environment.  Some projects are completed in a short period of time, while others may take months or even years.

For the most part we don’t recognize we need the help of a contractor, a construction professional; until signs become visible.  Unfortunately, the damage is done.  There are warnings along the way, but; they are overlooked or neglected as something small or insignificant.  Water is coming from the ceiling, this indicates there just might be a problem with the roof.  Water is in the basement when it rains, this indicates there maybe a problem with the foundation.

These things don’t happen overnight although it may seem like it, deterioration comes with time;  It’s the same with you and me, we fail to see the warning signs along life’s pathway.  All our friends are doing it, what’s wrong with a puff now and then or a drink or two?  We follow the crowd, afraid to be different; to lead and not follow.  It is not until our lives fall apart we realize we need help, desperately.

We lose our job, not to worry we’ll have one real soon; months pass no job.  Credit cards are maxed out, all the household bills are due, no food  in the pantry or fridge, and you think your wife or husband are nagging you when they try to discuss the dilemma.  Then on top of all that, the doctor tells you the bad news,  your health is in jeopardy from all those bad habits you enjoyed so much.

What can you do? Do you need a contractor? A master builder, is it time to post a sign on your life, under construction?  In one way or another or lives need reconstruction, the Master builder needs to redirect our thoughts, refurbish or hearts, and rebuild our characters.  God is always working in us, giving us the the desire to obey him and the power to do what is pleasing to  him.

This will not happen overnight, just as deterioration comes with time; reconstruction is a lifetime project.  We must resolve within ourselves to stay with the program to its completion.  When the finished project is revealed all who gaze upon it will be amazed at it’s splendor,  a masterpiece is born; we will no longer be under construction.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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