The poppy field

An acclaimed movie for children called The wizard of Oz gives the viewer insight into loss, adversity, and triumph,  It touches on fear, faith,friendship, and family.  It is the journey of a child misplaced from home during a storm; we join her in an adventure of self discovery.  Sometimes the circumstance we find ourselves in dictate the actions that follow.  Dorothy, the heroin in this story is told she has caused the death of a tyrant; the wicked witch of the land she finds herself in after the storm ended; Oz.

Her greatest desire is to get back home.  She is told her only hope is found in the Emerald City where the wizard lives.  She is given a gift of a pair of ruby slippers and told never to take them off her feet.  After receiving directions to the Emerald City she starts off on her mission to get back home.  Dorothy doesn’t realize there is a evil presence following her every move.  Along the road she meets 3 more travelers who need help from the wizard; a scarecrow, a loin, and a tin man.

Dorothy wants to get home, the scarecrow wants wisdom, the lion wants courage and the tin man wants a heart; all of them hopeful the answers can be found in Oz.  We know this trip to Oz is not going to be easy, evil is lurking in the background; sending every type of distraction to keep the rag tag group from reaching the city.  The ruby slippers hold a powerful secret and someone wants them very badly, they are willing to take them from Dorothy by any means they can.

The group is on the outskirts of the Oz, the skyline of the city can be seen in a distance; but, they must cross the  poppy field first. The field is  beautiful but deceptive, danger lurks a head.  Have you ever been just steps away from your goal and some distraction throws you off your game? You are so close,yet; so far away.  We are like Dorothy trying to get back home to the Father, but; there is a evil presence that continues to send distractions to our way. It knows there is safety at the Father’s house.

He desires us to be trapped in the poppy field, the poppy field draws us in by its beauty, then lulls us to sleep by it’s powerful influences.  We forget our goal to reach the Father’s house, we become mesmerized by the riches and beauty found in the poppy field.  There is hope, there are forces for good at work to keep us on track.  In the story as the group is being lulled to sleep, rain begins to fall washing away the influence of the poppies allowing the group to reach the city.

In our lives we can choose to be ruled by the forces of good or evil, our actions will display the choice we have made.  The forces of good will lead to the Fathers house, while the forces of evil will lead to the poppy field and destruction.  Not everyone will want to go to the Fathers house, where the Father lives there is love, joy and peace.  Some are so infected with evil they are comfortable in the poppy field where there is greed, hate, power and riches.  This is a individual journey and a individual choice.

We may not be traveling the road alone, others will be traveling the same direction, but; each journey is different.  Have you made your choice? What will be your destinations end? Are you sleeping in the poppy field or are your eyes wide open?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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