standing before the king

The children of Israel were not happy and requested Samuel, prophet of the Lord to give them a king; they wanted to be like the people they lived around.  Unfortunately, they did not realize they were rejecting God as their king.  After all he had done for them, they turned their backs on him forgetting all his miracles.   None of them realized the consequences a king would bring, how it would affect their lives.

Throughout history some countries have been governed by kings and Queens, the Royal family they are called.  Some ruled with a fist of Iron and some with a compassionate heart, however; the definitive word is Ruled.  Nothing was done that the King didn’t approve, but; there were always those who dealt in deception and lies.  There were times even the King himself was deceived.

The king sent men to war, gave judgement to the people, received tribute from his people and other nations; he lived in wealth and luxury.  In days gone by Kings had many wives, concubines, menservants and maidservants.  In most countries today who have a monarchy, the status of the Royal family has changed.  while they still live in wealth and luxury, their power has changed in reference to rulership of the people.

In our country we have never experienced what living with a King is like, this country was established by those willing to risk the unknown to rid themselves of a King; to exercise free will to choose how they would be governed. Every man having the right to choose what was right for him.  However, power corrupts and leads to greed; the more power one has the more they desire.  Men who once had good intentions neglect duty for self benefits.

The meek are trampled under foot, the will of the people denounced, and freedom silently drifting away.  We must realize the prophets of old spoke of these times, the word is being fulfilled; as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.  The world had become so corrupt it had to be destroyed, has anything changed today?  Crime is running rampart, from the highest office in the land comes division,hatred, and greed.

Those sworn to protect are to be feared by some of the people, no value is placed on life; babies are not even given the opportunity to live.  Are we not living in the same days as did Noah?  Judgement is coming, we must all stand before the KING of the universe.  Creator of all things, the great I AM, Alpha and Omega, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient One.

Standing before the King what will be your defense? Every secret will be revealed, even the hidden secrets of the heart.  Judgement will fall, the enemy and his followers will be no more; a New Kingdom where love and righteousness reign will be established  in the earth made new.  Only those washed in the blood of the Lamb will occupy the New Jerusalem and eat from the Tree of Life.  What will be your verdict? Death or life eternal?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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