cover me

It’s slow right now, I need to step away for a minute; can you cover me? How often have you said that to a co-worker or friend? The phone rings hello; hey girl a few of us are getting together tonight, would you want to go?  Wow I would love to go, but; it’s a bad time for me, have no money.  Don’t worry I’ll cover you girl, I got your back.  Maybe this is a conversation you are familiar with.

We use the phrase cover me on many situations in our daily lives never fully realizing the full implication of the phrase. To cover “put something such as a cloth or lid on top of or  in front of something in order to protect or conceal it”, what in your life would you want to be covered up?  We all have done or said something we would like to keep hidden, we all have skeletons in our closets.

In today’s climate when we hear so much about the leadership of our country doing so many things about which they wish the general public would never know the truth, in these situations the phrase cover me is equivalent to cover up. Those in power often require those beneath them to keep them from scrutiny, especially when they are doing what is deemed incorrect or illegal.

It’s the little guy who seems to always get caught up and not those responsible.  There is a very demonic force working in the world in which we have the misfortune to live, he is relentless in his pursuit of our destruction.  Every method available to him will be used for this purpose.  We have been warned how to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, ” by their fruit you will know them”.

We have been given a guide to follow that if followed will bring peace and good benefit for all mankind.  Ten rules that lead to the best possible life, they encompass instructions for every circumstance of life we may encounter. They teach us to have integrity, compassion for others, love for our Creator and his creation, truthfulness, and obedience.

When we choose to follow them we are afforded a blood covering for our sins and shown the way to salvation through Jesus the Christ.  when we follow them we are given strength to overcome the influence of the powerful to do what is wrong, we develop moral fortitude which covers us when the enemy attacks, and we are protected from his onslaught.

Each of us in our daily walk are bombard with choices that could lead to our destruction if we are not covered under the blood of Jesus the Christ,his blood our only umbrella of protection;we are prey for the taking and the enemy will  ponce like a lion waiting for it’s dinner.  We will all eventually come to the crossroad of decision, recognize we are traveling the wrong path; realize we can change direction and call out to the ONLY one that can recreate us anew.

Our cry will be “Lord please Cover me”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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