how are you using your blessings?

Often we say to others as we depart from them”God bless you”‘ these words seem to flow from our mouths easily, we also find ourselves saying it when someone has served us in some manner as a polite gesture.  Many times we don’t give any further thought to the reason we say it or what  we are really saying to that person.  If by chance you are a believer, you recognize you are a created being; formed from the dust of the ground by a loving Creator who desire companionship with you.

To Bless, be blessed, or be a blessing is to be held in reverence, bring pleasure, contentment, or good fortune also to honor in worship. We are reminded of the power of the spoken word, from the mouth comes corrupt talk, blessings and cursing, every word spoken will be called into judgement and by our words we will be justified and by our words we will be condemned.  We are warned whoever keeps his mouth and tongue will keep himself from trouble.

To have life was the first blessing we received, the Creator gifted us with his own breath and we became a living soul. Next he provided everything we needed to be happy and thrive until words of deception caused separation from the source of love that created us.  Those words were a curse on all mankind which continues to plague us until the present day.  Our first parents were deceived, we became prey to the enemy of the Creator, yet; the love of the Creator was to strong for us to leave us in our circumstances.

Once again we were blessed by a loving Creator, a way of escape was provided to all who choose to be free of bondage. However, the price of that freedom required blood to be shed; the penalty being death to the transgressor.  Our Father God through Jesus our Christ was our sacrifice for redemption, reconciling us to himself again.  He alone is worthy of glory, honor, praise and blessing; with our lips we should bless his name continually. To know his will for us we only need to ask, he will gladly make known his desire for us; we are blessed with choice, he will never suspercede our decision, this is free will; another blessing.

Is this not amazing love? To love someone so much you are willing to die for them, knowing they may reject you.  This too is a undeserved blessing granted to a undecided people, for he makes the sun to shine on the just and unjust alike. Each day we wake to see the sunshine, hear the song of birds, smell the fragrance of  flowers in bloom and touch those we love; we are touched by unchanging, unconditional love that seeks to enclose us in its arms. In him we have redemption through the blood, the forgiveness of sin, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.

To those who choose to serve him, his mercies are new every morning.  We are blessed that we might bless others, it could be something as simple as paying for someones gas, buying a meal, or helping with a financial need; as God’s children we should do the work of our Father sharing with our sisters and brothers unconditional love.  We are all one blood in Jesus Christ our saviour, as he gives to us we are to give to others.  The question is”how are you using your blessings”?  Do they bring glory to God or  to you”?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


One thought on “how are you using your blessings?

  1. Amen. God has indeed blessed us. He took our punishment on the cross and gave eternal life to all who trust in Him. May I remember how blessed we really are next time I say that to someone. Blessings!


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