way maker

when we stop the rat race of life, take the time to quiet ourselves; review our journey we find through all the changes we endured we had a way maker along with us as we journeyed.  When our tears flowed like water from a broken heart, when our loved one left and we couldn’t say goodbye, when everything we owned was taken away, and when our health was it’s worse; Love stepped in to comfort our aching heart.

Brought peace to our spirit, restored what the enemy stole, and touched the body with healing hands.  Our minds reflect on a empty refrigerator that was mysteriously filled, shoes and clothing received when the purse had cobwebs in it, and the day we were so down and the one person who always made us smile; knocked on the door.  Life keeps us so busy at times we fail to recognize all the ways that are made for us daily.

No matter the situation things just seek to work themselves out for our best good.  Do we ever stop to think, is it circumstantial or is there more we should be considering? What do we control or what is controlling us?  There is a battle being fought, we are pawns in the battle; the prize to be won our defeat or victory.  Unfortunately, we have a adversary who is much more powerful than we are; fortunately choosing the right side makes all the difference.

We have a general whose love for us has been demonstrated in our lives whether we have chosen him or not, he still reaches out to us hoping we will recognize him as our way maker and chose to join him in the battle. If we fail to chose him, we have made our choice for the enemy of mankind who desires our destruction.  There is no in between the decision has to be made for one side or the other.  The enemy hides his true intentions with distractions, misinformation, and worldly rewards.

Loves general when chosen grants us strength for our weakness, faith for what appears to be impossible, discernment and clarity for confusion, and joy in the time of storm.  His titles are many, he is known as our Way Maker, Redeemer, Saviour, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Healer, and the Only son of God the Father; Jesus the Christ.  CHOSE HIM

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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