once bitten, twice shy

It was just a joke, everyone thought it was so very funny, but; you didn’t see the humor. It wasn’t funny to you because the joke was on you.  Rarely is the person who is the butt of the joke happy when someone makes fun of them.  You will not find anything like this anywhere, it is an original; I’m discounting the price just for you.

Though you thought the price was to high, you purchased it anyway; only you would have one.  To your surprise it was not so original after all.  Every now and then we are faced with a decision about which we are unsure, we ask ourselves is this real or a trick; sometimes it seems to good to be true.

What to do? Are you willing to take a chance? Once bitten, twice shy; it is hard to avail oneself to chance when you have been hoodwinked.  The lesson you learn is a good thing is not always what it is cracked up to be, everyone can’t be trusted, and follow your first mind if uncertain.

There are times we are dazzled by the glitz and glamour our eyes see causing us to drop our guard. Blinded by the light we lose ourselves before reality can restore our focus.  The worldly bug has bitten us, the infection has begun; an antidote is needed to stop the spread of the infection.  What is the cure? Where can it be found? what will it cost?

So many questions but few answers, a soft voice penetrates the dark heart; I have the answer, are you willing to take the chance?  The cleansing blood, rich in love can remove the infection and restore to life that which was dying.  It can stop the tricks from the trickster, remove blindness from the eyes and uncover the enemies disguise.

No longer confused, you don’t have to be afraid of decisions to be made; once bitten twice shy has been buried in the grave.  Indecision is destroyed, doubt erased, restoration and faith has taken their place.  You are reborn anew in the love God the Father offers through the blood that was shed for your rescue.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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