goodbye old, hello new

The passing of time brings change, you wake up one morning and say to yourself; it’s time.   You have waited long enough, that closet will not clean and organize itself; out with the old, in with the new.   That song everything must change is so true, nothing stays the same; life throws you a curveball when least expected.  what seemed normal suddenly takes on a different look.

The closet door opens, you are faced with all the stuff from years you have refused to let go of.  Those clothes that are now to large because you don’t want to get rid of them, then need them again; those that are to small because inside you’re hoping you will get back  to that size with a little determination.  Decisions, decisions; we’ve all been at the crossroad of decisions, what if I make the wrong one? How will it impact me or others?

Most of the time we’re not thinking of the impact our decisions have on those around us, only ourselves and whether we benefit or lose from the choice.  Sometimes the choice is made from our emotions, we don’t think about the far reaching implications that affect others as eventually beating on our door; I’m not one of them we tell ourselves before we realize we too will be affected.

You start to pull out all those clothes that need to be let go, as room appears in the closet you realize there is space for something new; something that fits you right now. Ok, you say to yourself I guess I can tackle the dresser and chest of drawers next, no telling what I will find in them.  Once in a while we all need to start the cleaning process by saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

Removing the clutter from our lives  that leave no room for what’s truly important and necessary for growth, time for self evaluation; a long look in the mirror of the heart. Eliminating the emotional aspect and looking deeply at what’s hidden below the surface that you don’t want others to see or know about you.  The hidden secrets of the heart; the hate, envy, the fury behind the smile you project to the world.

The greed and I’m better than you attitude, the very traits you consider so vile in others has filled your closets.  No one wants to recognize these traits in themselves, so the focus is outward; it’s so much easier to point out what’s wrong with you than to accept truth about self. Unfortunately, we all share some or all of these traits; some more than others, but nonetheless they are there hidden away from the sight of the world.

There are exceptions, they don’t try to hide anything; the closet is so full it’s spilling out all over everyone and everywhere.  They don’t really care about anyone but themselves and their wants and desires.  The closet doors no longer close, all their dirty laundry is showing for the world to see.  So often we see it, but refuse to accept it for what it truly is. We find ourselves making excuses for what we know is unacceptable behavior that hurts or hinders others.

We think what happens to them won’t happen to us, we wonder if history does repeat itself or can it?  It’s time for every closed eye to wake from sleep, say goodbye to the old ways of hate and divisiveness and say hello to love, understanding and unity. TIME to clean out those closets, so let’s get busy. The new year brings new opportunities.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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