all my children

No one could have imagined a time when the world was silenced, no music playing, media gone off the grid; no tv, internet,car horns blowing or noise of any kind.  Communication around the world ceases as if each country was catapulted back in time.  Each generation since time as we know it began has grown in all types of innovation; moving mankind to new heights.

Each one closing the gap that separates us; language, traditions, ethnicity, gender and heritage.  Most of us never think about who we would be if we walked in someone else’s shoes.  what would be the experience if you were the slave, not the master; a woman rather than a man or vice versa. It could be you were born in another country and had to adjust to a environment that was foreign to you.

It is hard today to imagine a time when we traveled by horseback or wagon, when communication was done with pen, paper, and the pony express.  when the workforce was mainly male and women had only two roles; wife and mother.  When  the world was thought to be flat and people completely different, one group from the other;no common denominators.

History has shown us in every generation  mans advancements come with a down side; the strong seem to prey on the weak, wars are fought over man’s desire for power, greed is more important than love and  life, and hope for better days is blowing away in the wind.  Technology has erased many of the worlds borders, we now see we are more similar than we are different.

We all love, laugh, cry ,hurt, experience joy and loss. However, there comes a time in man’s struggles that reminds us change is possible.  Each year during this time man is reminded of a love that surpasses all mankinds faults. Hope is reborn, hearts are awaken to understanding and a seed of love is planted.  Who would have thought the birth of a child could make such an impact on the lives of all people.

Wait, what made this birth so important? He was a special child, Immanuel; God with us. A glimpse of glory through the eyes of a child, a big brother seeking his siblings and the love of a Father trying to reunite his family. We are all of one bloodline, we are all his children.  It was his hands that made us, his breath that gave us life and his love is calling out to us to come home.

No matter our differences, our location in the world, or the roles we were given in this master tapestry called life; we will always be his children, all of us.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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