After raining all morning, the sun was finally shining brightly in the sky; no sign of morning showers could be seen anywhere.  In the eastern sky a beautiful rainbow displayed its colors. My thought was drawn to the wonder of Creation, no matter how hard man tries he can’t start nor stop the rain; cause the sun to rise  nor set and he can’t change the seasons of the year.

The beauty and power of nature reveals man’s weakness and helplessness before the God of all Creation, he spoke and what was not;  became visible.  In his words was the fulfillment of his heart, all that is or was or will be had it’s beginning in him.  You and I were the fulfillment of his desire for companionship, each of us has an emptiness that is only fulfilled when we are connected to him.

Until we make this connection we try to fill our incompleteness with all manor of things.  For some it’s possessions, for others it maybe wealth, and for some fame; these don’t totally fill the emptiness, something is still missing. Man was created to share the joy of the Creator and all he created through a relationship with him.  That relationship was dissolved by deception and beguilement, man was blinded to his purpose in the plan of his Creator; a void in man was thereby created.

The Father’s heart was left with a emptiness from the fall of man, but; his love for man wouldn’t allow him to forget their relationship.  As by one came failure, by one came restoration; this one became the bridge back to the fulfillment of  the creation to his Creator.  Those who have found this bridge and reconnected to the Father are obligated to lead others who are languishing in darkness.  The emptiness in God and man will be filled when this reconnection is completed.

This raises the questions,”have you given any thought to how much the Father misses you?” “Are you busy trying to fill your void with things?” ” Has the pathway to the bridge been made clear to you?” Last but not the least, “have you accepted the emptiness, making the darkness your friend?”  The heart of God still misses you, no other can fill your place in his heart.  You are  an intricate piece in the puzzle of creation and the fulfillment of his heart.

A blood atonement was made that you could escape the darkness and once again walk in light and love.  We must love not the things of the world, we must guard ourselves from those things that consume and keep us blinded from truth; the desire for power, wealth, and possessions. If we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all these things he will give us according to his will; he alone knows what is for our best good.  We are not to put anything unclean before our eyes, as we behold; we become.

When we take our eyes off the world, the path to the bridge of restoration will be seen, no longer will the darkness have power over us; if we chose to be restored.  The highest fulfillment can be found in the Love of God for his children and Jesus the Christ for his church of which we become members when restoration is our choice.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace.


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