The battle had been raging for days, it seemed victory was hopeless, the troop heard their commander say ” No surrender, No retreat”.  Can you imagine how many soldiers might have thought it prudent to surrender rather than to sacrifice their lives.  Yet, the choice they made to serve compelled them to stand their ground; even unto death.

The trials of life can bombard us so hard we think we are in a war, sometimes it appears we will not survive the onslaught.  It sees when we overcome one obstacle, a greater one confronts us.  We often entertain the thought of waving a white flag in surrender to the problems that conquer our attention, consuming our every thought.

We find ourselves entangled in the grip of worry  and stress, no relief in sight. Yet, we continue to struggle trying to find solutions to the problems that plague us.  We resolve ourselves to “No surrender, No retreat”, even though we don’t  see victory.  Surrender often means we give up, throw in the towel, and face the fact we have lost the fight.

However, surrender can mean rescued, reinforcement, revitalized, and rewarded.  I can see the puzzled look on your face, but; if you consider the answer to all the problems we face in this life can be found in Jesus the Christ, it becomes clear.  To relinquish the worry and stress of this life, we must surrender our problems to him.

He is our strength and shield from every danger.  Letting go can be very hard for some of us, we need the control; without it we are lost. To let go and let God is a foreign concept, but; should we let go we will experience joy and peace beyond belief.  Jesus becomes our burden bearer, we are rescued.

He relieves the worry and stress, we are revitalized and when we commit to serving him we are rewarded.  Life will continue to hurl obstacles our way but we will face them knowing the victory is ours through our Lord, Jesus the christ. We can rest safely in his loving arms.

If you desire to be free from the trials of this life there is only one thing you need to do, SURRENDER.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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