who is your influence?

Influence is defined: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.  Each journey in this life is influenced by its experiences, many came to the Americas; the new world to escape the influence of their persecutors on their lives.

Those unable to escape became prey to the devourer.  In the new world they found new beginnings, established new homes for their families, adopted influences that benefited their growth and healing from the negative influences they left behind.  Unlike those that came voluntarily, many came to the Americas in chains.

Stolen from their homeland and striped of the influences of their ancestors, the influence of the taskmaster became their constant companion, families were separated; husbands from wives, children from mothers, and siblings from siblings. They were beast of burdens, scorned and hated; mistreated and reviled.

Over time they accepted the subjugation that influenced their daily lives, self hate was a bi-product of the influences they endured.  Who they were when their feet first touched the soil of the new world had been totally changed into who others thought they should be, the influence of those in power had replaced their identity; giving them new names.

The family structure was changed, they were captive in a hard environment of slavery and hatred. Their labor was of no benefit to them, yet; they worked tirelessly for the benefit of those with the power to subdue them.  Time changes everything, however; some influences may have long lasting effect on those who have these types of experiences.

A child who never experienced love will not know how to express love when it becomes an adult. A life indoctrinated with hate, will only have hate to give to those it comes in contact with; these emotions may lay dormant for long periods of time. We try to conform to the standard of morality required to maintain peace for all, unfortunately; what is hidden in the dark corridors of the heart will come to light.

Darkness refuses to stay hidden, it will eventually reach out to contaminate whatever it can, of this darkness hate is the strongest influence; it engulfs everything in its path, it causes the unthinkable evil to be perpetrated on the unsuspecting victim.  It has no exceptions, anyone can become a victim; rich and poor, good or bad, and Black or white it consumes them all.

As children we are taught the difference between good and evil, but; that difference is taught from the perspective of the teacher and what has influenced them.  All good and perfect gifts come from above, from the Father of light and love.  His name was Lucifer, the light bearer; he was created perfect until his self exaltation caused him to see himself greater than his Creator.

Pride caused his fall from grace he became Satan; the deceiver, father of lies and murder.  All those who fall under his spell are infected with evil. Under his influence man has become lost and confused, he has lost sight of his Creator; greed, power, injustice, pride and selfishness has replaced him. They are blind to his blessing in their lives.

One would think love has gone on vacation from the world; the innocent are dying daily, families have become more isolated from each other by their devices, and parents have become obsolete to their children; their council considered inadequate.  Although darkness seems to be running rampart, there is still hope; darkness can be dissolved by the infusion of light.

When light enters the heart, it is influenced by the love of the Father taking its rightful place in the life of man once again.  This is the first step in mans restoration from evils grasp.  Now ask yourself, who is influencing your life?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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