circle of love

There were twelve, his constant companions; they were his personal choice, everywhere he went they went. His love for them was without measure, his heart entwined with theirs; they didn’t understand just how much he really loved them, they just knew he did. Each one was different in personality,  profession, and social standing.

Many were fishermen, some educated, some worked for the Roman government, and one was thought to be a thief.  You could say they were a rag tag group of misfits, but; in truth they were a circle of love, with all their faults; love was the dominating factor. They all shared a very unique relationship.

Life is about relationships, not all relationships are the same; they are as different as the people in them.  The journey starts when we are born, we become part of our parents circle of love. Our first circle could be small or large depending on the number included in the circle; mom, dad, grandpas and grandmas.

Then there are circles that include  siblings, aunts, uncles, great grandparents and some are exceptional because they include great, great grandparents.  Whether the circle is small or large the common denominator is always love.  Some of our relationships may be considered dysfunctional, sometimes on and sometimes off; still love is the glue that holds them together .

There is an old saying” teeth and tongue may fallout, but they still need each other”.  It’s the same with our circles of love, we may not always agree with each other;  the love we share requires reconciliation and forgiveness one to the other.  Each of us belong to a personal circle of love composed of special relationships.

We have been given a special invitation to join the greatest circle of love man can experience. The love offered surpasses the love of mother, father, sister or brother.  It is a love that thought we were worthy enough to die for, knowing we are imperfect beings he still offers unconditional love.

He is blinded to our inadequacies and human frailties, he looks at us through the lens of his heart, a heart of love; his name is Jesus.  To show the love of the Father into the world he came.  He gave the greatest sacrifice shedding his blood to save our lives. He is our light and our salvation, so why should we be afraid; when we accept his invitation we can abide under the shadow of his wings.

Although there are many in his circle of love, without us it is incomplete; join with me as I join with him.  He still has room for many more.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace.


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