when you call, i will answer

In this modern world of computers, tablets, and smartphones, communication can sometimes take a science degree, convenience can be complicated.  There was a time when the pace of life was much slower.  The events of the day were discussed over the dinner table with all the family present and accounted for.

Kids played outside in the fresh air not locked in the world of video games alone, parents in the neighborhood knew each other and monitored the neighborhood kids; all of them. Those fortunate enough to have a telephone could only receive calls in their homes, when someone called; someone had to be home to answer.

If no one was home to answer, you would have to call back later; those who didn’t have telephones required a face to face visit. Unlike the pace in which we live today, communication was more person to person. Now we have more impersonal contacts and less person to person contact.

Family meals have become a thing of the past, we spend our time texting and emailing each other instead of having face to face communication.  Our telephones travel everywhere we go, most of us won’t leave home without them; should we forget them we go back to retrieve.

The phone was created for verbal communication, however; we do very little talking on them and more of everything the phone can be used for other than speaking.  We email, text,watch tv and listen to music on them.  Can you imagine what you would do if we had to go back to using only landlines again?

Can you imagine how much closer our families would be if we disconnected from our gadgets and started back sitting together at the dinner table?  All situations addressed, the stress of the day released.  Our heavenly Father wants us to disconnect from this world and reconnect to him.

Delight yourself in the Lord, he will give you the desires of your heart; lay aside all the distractions that keep us separated from each other. He desires a person to person relationship with us, his line is never busy, when we call he will answer.  We often seek him when there is trouble in our lives, when we feel lost and alone, or when our hearts are heavy.

Everyday communication is his preference, the more we talk with him the closer we become.  The Father is working in us through the Holy spirit, giving us the desire to obey him and the power to do what  pleases him.  Constant communication will reveal his will for each of us.  We can call him anytime day or night, he is never to busy; he says to us “when you call, I will answer”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.




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