from one comes many

First the seed is planted, it connects with the soil, a perfect union is born.  As the roots sink deep into the soil a tree comes forth, just a sapling struggling against the winds of life.  It soaks in the rain and sunshine then reaches for the sky; it has the sound foundation needed to sustain it throughout its lifetime.

During its season of life it comforts many who find rest beneath its many branches.  Like the seed and the soil, man meets his match; the two become one.  Their life together grows, the  one that became two is now increased to three.  The foundation for the family has been laid, like the sapling it must be strengthen.

How do we give the family foundation what it needs? Where can it be rooted for maximum growth?  The answer has come, ” I am the vine ye are the branches, he that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing”.  Jesus is the good soil in which the family foundation must be rooted.

As the family grows each branch is nourished by the soil in which it is rooted, Jesus the Christ.  The foundation is bathe in the love of Christ, as the family trees grows the love spreads from one generation to another.  The love story continues as each father tells his sons and daughters of the greatest love known to man.

From the one comes many, each heart entwined with the hearts it touches. The Lord is our strength, our shield from every danger. We must trust him with all our hearts; our roots will be strong, our branches many and our tree will ever be reaching to the heavens.  A family is only as strong as its foundation, Jesus is the foundation that will never fail.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace.



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