lighting the way

The corner she stood on was very dark, it seemed the bus would never come.  The longer she waited the more nervous she became, her mind filled with all the what if’s she could think of.  It wasn’t really that late, however; the darkness made it seem much later.  In a distance a gleam er of light could be seen, the bus was coming.

Her beating heart slowed it’s pace and peace of mind replaced her anxiety.  For many of us the dark causes great fear, like the young lady at the bus stop; our minds fill with all the what if’s we can think of.  All our fears take a front seat in our minds.  We fail to see there is a light in the distance.

When light is present hope is manifested, when light is present we can see the road ahead of us, when light is present fear is deflated and when light is present the pitfalls are clearly seen.  The darkness on the other hand; hides the traps in the road, the evil that lurks at every turn, and keeps us in a state of hopelessness.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t recognize we are dwelling in darkness; we consider many of the things that cause the darkness in this world as normal.  The glamour of the world hides the darkness beneath it.  We become so mesmerized by the glamour, we are blinded to the darkness it leads us into.

Only light can penetrate darkness, one beam of light starts the process; lighting the way out of the dark requires a connection to the light giver, Jesus the Christ.  The light of Jesus shining through us reflects his love to those caught in the web of darkness. Each time we share encouragement we shed light.

Every meal we share we shed light, when we feed or shelter others we shed light, and when we pray for those we love we shed light.  Leading others from darkness to light begins when we share the love of Christ with them.  Love hides a multitude of fault, forgives, is compassionate, does not envy or boast, and shatters the darkness; lighting the way to redemption.

Those who wish to be free from the darkness gravitate to the light, but; not all will come. Some men love the darkness for their hearts are evil.  Love has given all men the choice to accept or reject it, it will not force itself on any; we must choose.


My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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