Are you a Saul?

Allow  me to tell you a story, many years ago there was a man who was very dedicated to his faith and would do anything to uphold it’s laws against anyone who would not agreed with them. During this time the Religious leaders of that time were persecuting all the followers of Jesus the Christ.  This mans name was Saul which meant, “asked for, prayed for”.

On a journey to find those to persecute, he was greeted by the light of love; the reflection of which caused a new vision in the heart of Saul.  His name was changed to Paul which means “small or humble”.  He who was a persecutor became a devoted follower of Jesus the Christ, for he had seen his master’s face and heard his voice.

Can you identify with this story? who’s character do you possess? the religious leaders, Saul or Paul?  Even today we have those in leadership roles in the church who are well educated and versed in biblical truth, but; their hearts are stone.  Their opinion is the only one that matters.

Some feel the contributions they make gives them the power and right to make decisions that affect the church body.  The Saul’s  in the church find it very easy to condemn others for their faults, to quickly point out their sin’s; yet they lack forgiveness or insight.  Mercy is far from them nor do they see their own faults.

They forget they too are sinners, only through grace are they saved; that too is a gift from God.  Their minds may have been elevated but their hearts are also cold. Their tongues drive sheep from the fold with it’s sharpness.  Then there are those who have had a conversion experience .

They have met the Lord; his love has shattered the stony hearts and given them hearts of flesh,Their eyes are clear they see truth, and their names have been changed.  They have surrendered their all to their Lord and redeemer, Jesus the Christ.  The Holy Spirit has taken residency in their hearts, they work for the salvation of others; forgiving and not judging.

We all face the dilemma of self introspection, which of these names do we wear? are we a Saul or are we a Paul? Do we have sharp tongues and unforgiving spirits? are we judgmental ?  Each of us must choose in who’s foot prints we will walk.  When we claim God as our Father and Jesus as our big brother, Love must be the motivation that guides our every action.

The unconditional Love of the Father our example, the sacrificial love of the Son our example and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us.  We as a body of Christ must be on one accord with each other, no matter our position in the body whether we are babes or full grown in the faith; we are children in the eyes of the Father.

We are granted his Grace in turn he expects us to be gracious to others, as he forgives us we too must have forgiving hearts towards our sisters and brothers.  We must guard our tongues from speaking harm against each other or speaking harsh words to each other. It is time for us all to take a long look in the mirror and recognize who is looking back at us.

Is it Saul or is it Paul?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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