the keys of life

Music is a force that brings people together, there are many types of music; everyone can enjoy what resonates in their spirit.  For some it’s Jazz, some like Country,some gravitate to Gospel, some to Rock and some Easy listening.  In some form or another music is woven into the fabric of our lives.

words are written to the melody and a song is born, once heard it lingers in the heart or is dismissed. I’m sure you have experienced hearing a tune you’ve never heard before, yet; find it ringing in your mind long after the song has ended. Funny how some melodies just capture our attention, while others fade into the realm of forgetfulness.

Music evokes our emotions, it can bring joy or sadness; tears or laughter.  How often do we think about how music affects our lives.  All the universe enjoys the melody created by it’s Creator; the melody of birds carried on the breeze, the moon and stars serenading the night sky, and the Angelic voices bringing a message of peace in song.

Imagine you’re looking at a piano, composed of 88 keys; 52 white and 36 black.  The composer uses these keys to create a perfect melody, one that would be remembered long after he or she has gone.  How does the keys of a piano identify with the keys of life you ask?  We try to live the best life we can; treating others as we wish to be treated.

Working honestly at our daily tasks, being truthful in our actions with others, standing for what is right and just.  We seek to live in perfection, which is the white keys. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try; the hidden nature of sin emerges, these are the black keys. What appears to be perfect on the surface can hide the infection of sin from sight.

In every life sin is present, we were born with the desire to do what is sinful;to elevate self, write our own melody and sing our own song.  The song the Creator placed in our hearts is hidden by the brightness of the world, it’s clamor distracting us from the pure melody of the Creator.

If we are not in tune with the Universe we are singing off key.  We must realize the composer has given each voice it’s own special part in the song, when missing; the melody is incomplete.  The Creator desires to complete his concerto, the conductor stands ready at the podium.

All the instruments are poised and ready, but; he is missing voices.  We must search our hearts, find our key and claim our position in the Universal chorus.  The composition will be completed, harmony will reign; the conductor will raise his baton and everything that was created will praise the Lord.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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