keep looking up

Earth, wind, and fire recorded a song ” Keep your head to the sky”, it was written by one of the group members; Maurice White.  In it’s essence the song was a spiritual revelation, most of us get caught up in the rhythm or beat of the song; seldom do we concentrate on the words of the song.

This song was written about a conversation between The Father, Creator of all things and one of his sons; his creation.  It reveals the directions given by the Father to the son to successfully navigate this life.  It acknowledges mistakes by those traveling life’s road can be expected, to make wrong choices which require repentance; is part of the journey.

It stresses the importance of taking responsibility for ones actions, living in the real world, and recognizing we all have a purpose; our purpose can be found when we seek  the Fathers will.  The Father will reveal his will for us through the Holy Spirit. Faith is a very important element of this equation, we must believe.

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains if it is true, that too is a gift from the Father; he has planted in each of us a portion of faith.  The more our relationship with the Father grows, the stronger our faith becomes.  The trials we face on a daily basis are the tools the Father uses to strengthen us, there by increasing our faith.

The song writer was right, we must; keep looking up.  The word tells us to “look to the hills from which comes our help, our help comes from the Lord.”  When we look up; the clouds, sun, moon, and stars display the majesty of the Father.  When we look up; we elevate our minds to a higher consciousness.

When we look up; we open our hearts to the lessons taught by the universe.  All nature declares the glory of the Fathers power to create, opening the heart to him will allow him to re-create in us the likeness of his son; Jesus the Christ.  Who was the expression of his own character encased in human flesh.

Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men.  How marvelous  is his love for his wayward children, he never stops seeking to bring them home again; he is forever standing by waiting for them to reach out to him.

He is the only answer to the problems that plague us all.  We must realize without him we are but dust; in him we move, breath, and have our being.  He is cooling shade on a hot desert, water to erase our thirst, and manner from on high to feed the soul.  If you are seeking a safe port from the storms of life, look up; keep looking up.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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