In life we have many reasons for celebrating; the birth of a child, marriage, and yes, even death. Every 4th of July we celebrate the birth of our nation.  A nation bountifully blessed by the touch of the Creator, designated to be a beacon to the world of his goodness and mercy; a port of safety for those seeking freedom from persecution.

It’s principles established from the influence of the Creator, acknowledging all men were created by him and are equal in his sight.  Rich or poor, free or slave, Black or white; all are precious to him.  Some families begin their preparations for this celebration months in advance; making reservations for travel, buying new clothing, preparing for visitors, and planning activities for family enjoyment.

No matter what is planned, the occasion must end with fireworks.  This tradition began in 1777 one year after the Declaration of Independence was read; work ceased and the celebrating began with bon fires, bells ringing, and fireworks displays.  We continue to this day to celebrate the United States of America, one nation under God on the 4th of July.

What happened? where did God go?  Our nation has changed; the huddled masses seeking freedom are no longer welcome, equality was a dream never realized for some living in this great nation, power hungry men make rules to govern others that do not apply to themselves, violence and hatred openly voice the evil living in their hearts and those who profess the love of God stand idly by allowing evil men to oppress the least of theses.

We live in a hallucination of justice and liberty for all; our celebrations are a empty reflection of the past, a dream not realized.  Like the worshipers of old we have turned away from the One True God; we have made idols of our own to worship. Power, greed,and self are the Gods we have created.  Our nation is spiraling into decay and darkness.

We have no reasons to celebrate, our Creator is calling out; turn back my people.  Destroy your idols, return to what is just, right, honorable, and true; giving glory and praise to the God who created you. Open wide your arms inviting the oppressed inside.  Bless those in need as you have been so abundantly blessed.  One day soon the clouds will roll away like a scroll.

The mountains and islands will be removed, the trumpet will sound and time will be no more.  The sky will be a glow as never before, no fireworks display can compare to the sight of the Angels surrounding the King of Kings as he returns.  Before it’s to late relight the torch of justice for all, make the land of the free and home of the brave a reality and let the flag of freedom forever wave.

A beacon atop the hill showing the way of love to the world.  United as one, none great and none small; each respecting the other no difference at all.  when the day comes that we have overcome the darkness that consumes our world, we will be ready to celebrate with fireworks once again.  Until then Pray everybody, pray

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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