The years pass so quickly, you realize there are so many things you thought you would have accomplished that remain undone. You wonder where the time went, what did you do with the time you had?  Thoughts of your children flash in your mind, you see them in your minds eye; crawling, then walking, laughing, crying, talking and now they have children of their own.

One year becomes 10, 10 years become 20, 20 years become 50 and as you look into the mirror you see 70 plus years starring back at you.  Your hair is mingled with grey, your brow showing signs of life in the tiny wrinkles appearing there.  You don’t seem to move as swiftly as you once did, you find it harder to stay awake; a nap is needed in the middle of the day.

As you do a rewind of your life, memories flood your heart like a spring shower.  Tears of joy and sadness; special birthdays, weddings, births, and lovers appear from the dark corners of the mind. Some you had long forgotten find their way once more to the light. You find it hard not to smile at the remembrance of your life. You realize how much you have to be grateful and thankful to the Creator for.

Each 1st step taken, each first I love you grandma, each smile and each hello and goodbye.  They are all etched into every fiber of your being; you contemplate if you have used the time given you wisely, if you have learned from the mistakes made along the journey, and what would you like to rewind and do over again. would there be anyone you need to forgive or ask forgiveness from? apologize to or say i’m sorry for  whatever reason.

With the progression of time you realize the importance of every moment you are blessed to enjoy, as you enter the twilight years the memories accumulated tell the story of a Love Supreme, the radiance of a star shining in the eye of the Creator, beloved of the ONLY begotten Son, and jewel in the universal tapestry of life.   One soul that recognizes the beauty of life is a gift from the Creator.

Every experience life brings is designed to teach a lesson, each lesson designed to draw the student closer to the Creator; closer to the Ultimate source of love. I’m so grateful for this life I have, NO REWIND necessary.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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