inside out

I’m sure whether we are male or female we have used an iron at one time or another. Learning to be self sufficient is the lesson our parents spent many hours trying to teach us.  To clean wherever we live, to cook to feed ourselves, to wash, dry, and iron our clothes and to work to pay our bills. They desired to raise productive individuals, confident should they not be in the picture; we could survive without struggle.

Most of us learned those lessons well, now we are passing those lessons on to our children; we too wish to eliminate the possibility of struggle from the lives of our children.   We desire to instill in them good character, compassion for others, and love for self.  As parents we hope they learn the lesson, but; we have no way to really assess whether they have grasped  what we are trying to teach.

It would be nice if we could turn them inside out to see what is hidden on the inside that can’t be seen on the outside.  This thought resonated in my spirit causing me to ask myself the question” what would be seen if my life was inside out”?  On the surface we tend to project what we want others to see, we keep our true selves hidden; for many what is seen is totally different from what is hidden from the eyes.

We try to keep all flaws hidden from sight; we hide our stress and anxiety, envy, hate, jealousy, and selfishness.  If you could see on the outside what was hidden on the inside how would it change you? Could you still love those people?  The choice is yours, Love can hide a multitude of faults; we all may have skeletons in our closets.  Our insides and outsides are reconciled when our lives are guided by the Holy Spirit.

It’s then our inside will reflect what the outside is displaying, the essence of Christ brings joy, peace, caring, patience and in some cases sacrifice.  Christ in us removes all guilt of the past, cleans our body temples from the basement to the attic, cleans our windows so that we see the world around us with clear vision and makes us one with him and the Father.

Like the delicate handling of a special fabric which needs ironing, turning it inside out; The Father and son gently transforms our characters into one harmonious unit, the inside and outside become the same.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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