here comes the judge

The court room was buzzing, whispers could be heard coming from every direction in the room.  The Sheriff’s escorted the prisoner in and sit him in a chair facing the bench where the judge would sit.  The jury gazed upon his face, he showed no remorse; he seemed to have no regret for his actions.

The Bailiff with a booming voice declared “all rise”, ” here comes the judge”/ The prosecutor painstakingly presented his case against the defendant to the jury before resting his case and taking his seat.  The Judge asked the defense attorney if he was ready to present his case or if he wanted an adjournment.

I’m ready your honor, as he rose from his seat; many in the room wondered what he would say that would change the information presented by the prosecutor? it was apparent to all he was guilty.  The defendant sit quietly with his eyes focused on the Judge, he knew this person held his fate in his hands.

He thought he would be found guilty by the jury, but the Judge would be the one to give the sentence for the crime.  As we traverse this life many will find themselves in this circumstance, the crime could be very small; however, the consequences could be greater then expected.

Many of us may never commit a crime, but; we commit sinful actions on a daily basis. We sin in our thoughts, known and unknown; in words spoken and unspoken.  we sin when we seek to join ourselves to those who plot evil doings.  Seldom do we stop to consider the sins we commit so easily in our daily living.

We fail to remember if it is contrary to the Laws the Father has given it is sin. He gave us his Ten Commandments that we would know his will for man,  we must also remember all our actions whether great or small will be called into judgement by the Judge of the universe. Every lie, every evil thought,  every hateful act, and every prideful and selfish endeavor.

Our big brother told us he would be back to redeem us unto himself, on that day every eye shall see him; the cry will go forth to all the earth, ” HERE COMES THE JUDGE”. Who will be ready?

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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