the great illusionist

The kids lined each side of the street, their excitement grew as they saw the beginning of the Carnival Parade; the roar of laughter filled the air as the clowns passed.  The elephants, loins and tigers drew loud sighs as they passed.  The carnival was the highlight of Summer.

The rides, food and side shows drew large crowds of every age.  It seemed the entire population of the city was under the big top or waiting to get into the big top.  The amazing side show attractions created the greatest illusions; it was hard to tell what was real and what was memorex.

Some you knew were not real, but; you just couldn’t figure out how they were created, leaving a big question mark in your mind. Was it magic or just a trick?  The Ring Master was leading the show under the big top, all the acts were introduced by him. Each side show attraction had it’s own tent along the midway.

Each one move stranger then the other; the two headed man, the human mermaid, the half man half goat, and  the adjoined triplets just to name a few.  Most of us are mesmerized by the illusions created at the carnival; but, we think very little of the illusions created for us in our daily lives by the greatest Illusionist known to man.

It is said his greatest delusion was to make man believe he didn’t exist.  We tend to forget he once stood next to the throne of the ALMIGHTY, was created in ultimate beauty and deceived many heavenly beings to believe in his cause which resulted in his and their ejection from heaven.

He gained control of the earth by deceiving our first parents; under his influence the world became evil continually. It was because of him the world was destroyed by a great flood with only eight survivors.  Generation after generation was bewildered, beguiled, and deceived, mankind was once again headed for destruction.

His goal to destroy the ALMIGHTY’S earthy creation was being realized by the great illusionist; so he thought.  The ALMIGHTY loved his creation and earthly children so much he made preparation to redeem them through the blood of his ONLY son. Through him many believed and were redeem and given the gift of salvation.

Eyes have not seen, nor ear heard,neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.  The illusionist is being unmasked, his deceptions illuminated, and mankind now has the strength to resist him through the shed blood of Jesus the Christ.

We must not forget the illusionist came from the heavenly court of God, he lost his position through disobedience; his desire is to destroy any chance mankind may have to inhabit where he is forbidden to go. Don’t be deceived by him any longer, invite Christ into your life; he will give you of his spirit to keep you from the hour of your temptations and give you victory over the tempter.

Remember he can appear as an angel off light, only when Christ lives in you will you be able to see through his disguise.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace




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