the table of plenty

Nothing special, no holiday; yet, the kitchen was smelling up the house.  The aroma could be smelt as you approached the front door.  The neighbors could tell someone was preparing a feast.  You could smell chicken frying, collard greens, mac n cheese,sweet potatoes, and corn bread.

Whoever is doing the cooking is putting a lot of love in each dish; you could hear the neighbors saying.  A crisp white table cloth adorned the table, fine chine was placed meticulously at each seat, a napkin with shiny silver wear atop nestled next to each plate.

What is the occasion? is there a visitor coming? why is such a table of plenty being prepared?  Puzzled looks grace each family members face; each trying to solve the mystery of the event they see unfolding.  It’s Sunday, maybe the pastor is coming; it could be moms sister who she hasn’t seen in awhile.

The table is set, the food prepared; now we await the guests.  The Father of all creation has set his table with his righteousness, he sent his Son into the world to invite the world to come to the celebration.  His life was to show the world what the Father was really like.  To show the heart of the Father to all who would receive him.

He was crucified and rose from death; he rejoined his Father telling him about all those he invited to come to the celebration. All who received him and who were preparing for the feast. Those who turned away from their wickedness and began to keep his commandments.

Those who became more loving to others and those who studied his word daily.  The Father’s table of plenty is spread, soon the Son will return to the world to escort those deemed worthy to the celebration.  He has extended the invitation, will you be attending?  I accepted his invite some time ago; I will be there, hope to see you there//

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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