morning peace

As the day breaks, the first beams of sunlight peak through the window; I’m reminded of the mercy and grace of my loving Creator.  Soft clouds seem to drift by as nature awakens from her rest.  The smell of someone cooking captures my attention, this is the way a Sunday morning should be resonated in my mind. Then I remembered I was alone, so who was cooking?

It was just my imagination telling me that morning peace should be comprised of those quiet moments before the winds of a hectic life begin to blow.  We all need time to regroup, to strengthen our defenses, and fortify ourselves through a conversation with our Creator before we greet the new challenges the day ahead may unfold to us.  Each morning he sits waiting to hear our first foot steps, to see us place the coffee cup on the table and open his book.

His heart rejoices because we didn’t forget about our time together with him.  He anticipates the peaceful mornings the two of us spend before anything else happens in our lives; he knows if we don’t miss our appointment, he will be included in the entire day.  There is nothing better than the warm fuzzes you receive from talking with an old friend to light up the heart and tattoo a smile on the face.

As we traverse the hidden traps, potholes  and unforeseen circumstances of life; we are reminded of those warm fuzzes, we feel loving arms caress us telling us; I’m here, you’re not alone.  Blessed is every one that trust in the Lord, that walk in his way; they shall eat their bread in peace and all will be well for them.  When we take time to spend each morning with our Creator, friend, and lover; he prepares us for the unknowns of life.

He knows there is a dark presence that is seeking to destroy us by any means possible. Friends, foes, and family become pawns in his attempts to lure us into darkness and away from light.  When we miss our morning conversations, our defenses are weakened; making it hard to recognize him when he comes to us. His greatest tool is deception, without fortification we can easily be deceived.

It is so important we begin each day in a conversation with our closest friend, carry his essence with us throughout the day and end each day thanking him for his companionship;  it all begins with MORNING PEACE.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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