how do I know it’s real

Everything I do is wrong, everything you do is right; you were my first love, I was your first fight. I walk on egg shells & pins the moment you come through the door. Is love suppose to feel this way? I don’t know how to place my feet on the floor, not sure if you’re happy or sad we are together; you’ve changed so much since you said you would love me forever.

I’m so confused, how do I know if this love is real? Is this the way my heart should feel? At times it seems so complicated, should I leave or should I stay; to keep me here what would you say? We’re on an emotional roller coaster, sometimes up then sometimes down; you make me think it would be better if I were not around.

How do I know it’s real? can you relate to how I feel? Do you know where the answer can be found? It is so hard to continue this way; never knowing what I should do or say. Some would say I’m searching for love in all the wrong places, searching smiling faces with hearts of stone.  Wouldn’t it be better to be alone?

To thy own self be true, to love others you must first learn how to love you. Find the source from which love flows; unconditional, free, and true.  The love you’ve been searching for, is searching for you; it is not demanding, selfish, or untrue.  It’s arms are open wide to hold you inside, love for which you don’t have to compromise.

From the beginning of time you were in it’s heart, it has always loved you. The source from which love flows id divine, reaching out to all who feel left behind.  God is love, ONLY he is real; he alone can transforms the heart of stone.  Christ is the Father’s example of  what love should be.

Use his life as the standard by which you choose the person you devote your life to, if they fall short; don’t delay turn and walk the other way. The love of God flows full and free and reaches into eternity.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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