stepping stones

The trees were in full display, their splendor reaching the sky; Spring had come. Birds of all species fill the air, flowers of unimaginable radiance catch the eye.  Nature arrayed in her new dress steps into full view.  Every creature comes alive with new birth, hibernation is over; the sun is shining once more in her strength.

The rivers and streams team with life waiting to be caught for the supper table. Fresh fruit hangs from all fruit bearing trees waiting to be picked; apples, pears,peaches, and oranges. God’s bounty is reflected in all nature. He has wisely provided the best for the well being of all his creatures.

Little stepping stones to his children that project his love for them. Each blessing of life is a stone, each protection given is a stone, every trial over come is a stone, every provision is a stone and each dream realized is a stone.  He alone should be given praise and thanksgiving for the stepping stones he gives to each of his children.

We are all his, but; our needs vary, he made each of us unique creations.  Just as the stones found in a small stream, he carry’s us across the water when calm or raging.  His love for us is his first priority, he wants us to know how important we are to him.  We can do nothing that would separate us from his love.

We are told to “cast our burdens on him”, he alone can sustain and provide all our needs.  When we are weak, he gives us his stone of strength. When homeless, his stone of shelter. When naked, his stone of covering.  These stepping stones may grow in accordance to our circumstances.

Some small and some large, no matter the size needed; he is the provider.  Each stone is building the bridge that brings us closer to the greatest lover, the safest harbor, and the Home coming celebration of the ages.

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace.


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