access granted

It was reported to be the best movies of the year, you looked forward all week to go to the theater to see it. It was decided by the group to have dinner before the movie, on arriving at the theater; along line had formed to buy tickets.  The mood was jovial and the line seemed to be moving quickly.

As your group approached the ticket booth, they were greeted by a sign at the closed window stating “sold out”; access denied.  How disappointed everyone was after being so excited about viewing the movie.  How many times in life have you prepared yourself for something only to be disappointed in the end?

What do you do in these circumstances? What does it take for you to overcome your disappointment?  There are times when we quickly move past the circumstances, then there are times when our feelings are to deeply rooted to move past what we have experienced; we need time.

Our kids teach us to be persistent, how many times do we say “no” to them and they keep asking until we yield to their request; access granted. Life tells us “no” in many ways, we sometimes get tired of trying so we give up on ourselves.  Every lesson, every accomplishment comes at a price.

It could be as simple as investment of your time and persistence, your trust that all things are possible with God; no matter what life brings in this world the Creator is still in control, even of the enemy who rules this world.  The enemy wants us to think we cannot win against him.

He grants us access to the things of this world that cause suffering and shame after the glitz and glamour have worn thin, the results equal death.  The desire for great wealth, control and power are his enticements of choice.  He appeals to the lower nature of man to seduce him into darkness.

When we are faced with disappointment; we must recognize we hold the answer in the gift given by our Creator, choice.  Our choice is our weapon, we choose how we are affected by the experience we have.  Just as we tell our children “no” because we feel we know what is best for them.

We belong to a Heavenly Father who knows what is best for all his creations, he sometimes tells his children “no”; access  is denied.  The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and he adds no sorrow with it when our choice is to allow the Father to choose our path and submit to his will.

When we make this decision we will have Access Granted to the abundance of all good and perfect gifts which come from above. We will have deliverance from the snares of this world, the enemy will be defeated and we shall walk in victory over him.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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