just for today

The sun rose with it’s beautiful orange glow breaking through the morning clouds.  So unique and radiant, different from any day before it.  We often fail to realize how different each day really is. Nature’s tapestry reveals to man the beauty of creation which is different, yet; so much the same.

The night sky studded with stars, none which are identical; the landscape we become familiar with can change in an instant.  Sometimes our circumstances may last “just for the day”, tomorrow will bring new circumstances; new promises of opportunity.  However, this too is just a fleeting moment of time.

For many of us this is the only thing we have, just that day; it is very important that we realize the importance of the opportunities that are afforded us and to use them to our advantage.  each sunrise and sunset should leave us in awe of the Creator, his majesty, and power.

The voice that spoke and it stood fast, hands that molded man after it’s own image and gave him life; Creator of all things. What will you decide to do with the moments of life you are graced with?  If you knew in advance you had “just for today”, how would you use it?

Would you search for fortune and fame? seek to settle old debts? give and ask for forgiveness of past hurts? or would you allow the days events to unfold without any help from you? So many decisions to make, not enough time to choose, but; a choice must be made.

Consider, just for today; make a stranger smile, give unexpected help to someone in need, feed a child, offer someone shelter from the rain, console a breaking heart, help carry someones burden, inspire and encourage those who walk the path with you, and  make self your last thought.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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