The heart of the matter

The world we live in is amazing, filled with the wonders of a Creator’s touch; the human body being the Master’s master piece.  Like the notes created by the piano, it’s melody excites the senses.  The smell of fresh bread baking, chicken frying, and coffee brewing stimulates the appetite creating the desire to indulge.

Rose petals floating atop scented water, candle light, soft music  and chocolate; the scene is set for romance.  A love poem written from the pen and heart of someone special declaring to the world “the heart of the matter”.  The joy generated from receiving a bouquet of roses or a beautiful card causes the heart to bloom with fullness.

We express our feelings of love in numerous ways and actions, yet; the body would be lifeless if the heart is removed.  So is man lifeless, when Jesus is not present in the life.  Jesus is Love, when he is absent from the equation; no love exist. Without him what we experience is a counterfeit emotion called love.

The enemy of souls fills the emptiness in the life of man, when he has closed the door to Jesus.  He clouds the mind and darkens the heart causing man to exalt himself above others.  The true heart of the matter is, when we open the door to Jesus; he opens  the door to life abundant, love that is unconditional, and indescribable joy.

In him love’s light radiates, it’s reflection seen  by all through you; as your life is transformed by his presence dwelling within.  Valentine’s day has been designated to say to those we consider special in our lives how much we love them in a physical expression of some type.

Many will give flowers, some will give candy , some will give candy and flowers and some will prepare or go out for a special dinner.  As we indulge in this tradition created by man, let’s remember what “the heart of the matter” really is; LOVE is grounded in Jesus the Christ, GOD’s expression of LOVE for man.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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