in the belly of the beast

ever felt like you were in a deep dark hole? stranded on an island alone? or just lost with no direction? I’m sure we have all been there, drowning in the unknown; no relief in sight.  we try to hide our condition from those around us, putting on a smiling face as we project all is well as best we can.

Keeping the pain we are enduring secret is a great struggle, yet; we try to keep it hidden. Having lost sight of the light has allowed the darkness to invade with the intentions of consuming us totally.  We become trapped in the belly of the beast, hopeless; seeing no way of escape.

The question we ask ourselves is ” how did I get here?”, we search our minds to find the cause.  Maybe it was the abuse from childhood that was never spoken of, the anger still lingering for the abuser; so hard to forgive.  Maybe it’s because losing a job and living on the street can cause a family to loose all hope when just trying so hard to just survive.

Not knowing from day to day where the next meal will come from or if there will be a meal, whether the car will be to hot or to cold to sleep in for the night.  It could be the constant pain that your body experiences, the doctors can’t seem to tell you why; don’t know what to do to give you  relief from the torment.

The darkness is filled with life circumstances that can cause us to forget about the light, that is it’s objective; to give the perception no help is available to us.  It wants us to become comfortable in the belly of the beast, yet; there is no darkness  the light can’t penetrate.  We just must remember our way back to the light.

The giver of light has instructed us to call on him and he will answer; ask and we shall receive as long as we believe, knock and the door will be opened to us.  No matter what we maybe burden by from the destruction the beast places in our path, we must believe we can overcome when we lean on the  burden bearer.

He gives hope even in what seems hopeless, erases the darkness to allow light to shine in our lives, and reminds us he is all we need to conquer the dilemmas of this life.  Escape from the belly of the beast is possible, take all the burdens of life to the one who has the final answer to all the questions of life. Ask him to remove all  doubts, strengthen or faith, and forgive our failures.

The arise and shine, for the light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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