surviving the storm

We are never prepared for a crisis; thou we may have followed what we think will prepare us for the unexpected, it never seems to manifest itself as we might expect.  We set aside money, try to consider all the consequences, stock up on material and physical needs, establish a safe place and exit strategy.

The crisis may come in ways we don’t imagine, all of which can be devastating; fire, tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding.  Loss of employment, loss of home or family and illness.  These are just some of the things that can cause great hardship and stress to anyone who has to experience them.

To be deprived of all your worldly possessions; left with the questions, “what do I do now? where can I go?who can I trust to help me?”.  One of the most commonly experienced crisis is when illness strikes. It can be very stressful to be sick not knowing why or what the cause of the sickness may be.

You hear the doctor say, ” we need more test; it may be this  or it may be that or we think it could be something else”.  But where does that leave you? still ill and not knowing the cause of your pain.  Can you imagine the stress? yet, even in the storm there is peace to be had.

Whatever storm you may encounter, you can meet it in peace that passes understanding; you can possess a spirit of hope knowing this too will pass.  That you can and will be an over comer through Jesus Christ your unseen partner.  Although the storm may be more than you feel you can endure, he can calm the raging winds.

When we invite him into our lives, submit to his will and obey his instructions through the Holy Spirit; we can rest in his peace during the trials we may face. He alone encompasses all we need to succeed in this life.  He is our mighty defender, great physician, our provider and protector.

In him we can survive any storm we encounter. There will be times the resolution is not what we desire, but; he knows what we need and is willing to supply those needs. Trust is the key, we must walk the journey by faith and not by sight; knowing in him there is victory, never defeat.

In time of crisis we must always remember there is one who has tasted our infirmities, has over come temptations and has suffered the lash that by his stripes we can be healed.  We are destined to encounter storms as long as we have life, however; we are strengthened to endure knowing we are not alone.

We rest in the arms of love that will never fail us and will lead us to a place of peaceful rest in the midst of turmoil.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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