at our weakest point

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here; I only have today to give to you a part of my heart.  Life is filled with precious treasure in the experiences we are allowed to experience.  Many times we think it is only our trial and doesn’t apply to anyone else, yet; each lesson we learn is to benefit others as it has benefited us.

We master the lesson so we can share with others at their weakest point. Life is a mysterious journey we all participate in, each one is different; we all take different avenues along the path.  we experience different joys, pains, challenges, heartaches, victories and insightful moments.

We all have different strengths and weakness, yet; each step we make along the path gives insight into the steps another may have to take.  Each lesson or victory we enjoy gives us the weapons needed to help someone else who is fighting the battle we have overcome.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to succeed, life throws us so many monkey wrenches we find ourselves at our weakest point. Nothing we do seems to work out for our good, no one seems to have the answer we need. As one year ends and another begins we resolve to be better in the coming year then we were in the year passing into history.

Some vow to be more understanding and forgiving, some to shed some pounds, some to be thankful, some to be more helpful, and some to change their lives for the better.  It is at our weakest point we start to really think about how we live our lives, what our character says about us, and do we like what we are learning about ourselves.

It is in theses moments we are open to advise from those who have gone before us.  It is in these moments we are willing to try new things that might help our circumstances.  It is in these moments we are willing to submit to a power far greater then ourselves, his strength is made perfect in our weakness.

He will not broadcast our problems to the world, the magnitude of our problems will not cause him concern and he alone has the solution we need. He places us on his shoulder which is strong enough to carry us until our strength begins to grow, the more we lean on him the stronger we become.

It is imperative we learn to go to him before anxiety, doubt or fear takes residency in our lives; he is the greatest problem solver.  when we seek him first we build a defense against the enemy who waits for our weakest moments to attack.  He floods our thoughts with our past failures, our inadequacy and our losses.

He reminds us of those we have hurt or disappointed, he is the master deceiver and will do whatever will keep us away from the solution to our circumstances.  As you prepare to make those New Year resolutions place at the top of your list these recommendations for a better year.

Spend time in the Holy word before you start each day.  Remember all your interactions should come from a place of love. Never allow your problems to consume you, but give them all; great or small to the problem solver.  When offended, forgive; when you offend ask for forgiveness.

Acknowledge your responsibility to live the best life you can that your character will reflect that of your savior and redeemer.  Help others when you can without expectation of reward. Always giving glory, praise and honor to God; who alone is worthy.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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